Mobile Dog Wash – Cape Town

We will come to your place to wash your dog in our specially fitted Mobile Dog Wash Trailer. We will bring along all the tools, equipment and consumables required to clean and groom your dog.

All we need from you is access to your dog and perhaps occasionally some water. Grooming your dog in his environment will be less stressful for you and the dog. Only the best laboratory tested shampoos are used.

Why Groom your dog?

Grooming iIMG_00000556s more than just a bath, it includes brushing, combing, keeping ears clean and keeping free from parasites and fungus.

Dirty dogs track dirt into your home, your clothing, furniture and carpets.

Ungroomed dogs are more likely to be infected with internal and external parasites like fleas, ticks and fungi such as ringworm.
Young kids and the elderly who come into contact with ungroomed dogs can pick up these parasites and fungi.

Keeping your dog clean and free from these problems can eliminate many potential health problems in and around your home.

Nobody likes to have a dirty, smelly dog around — a clean, refreshing one is definitely a more enjoyable companion.

Flea and Tick Treatment

Up until a few years ago, fleas and ticks were usually controlled with grooming products like flea dips and sprays, flea bombs for the home, and insecticides for your yard and lawn.

These poisonous chemicals reacted with each other and killed more than what was intended. Also, it only killed the fleas and ticks; it did not break the life cycle, with the result that within a few days these parasites were back again.

The latest systemic products not only kill fleas and ticks on your dog, but stop them reproducing, thereby ending the infestation permanently.

These products can be administrated either topically (spot on) or orally.